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F1 : 2012 ROC Champion Grosjean confident Lotus Formula 1 career still on track E-mail
Monday, 17 December 2012 11:57
Formula 1 career 'on track' says Grosjean - Romain Grosjean insists his Formula One career remains "on track".

His comments follow a period of intense speculation, amid suggestions Lotus, and sponsor Total, are considering dropping the 26 year old after his often impressive yet tumultuous 2012 season.

Some good news for Grosjean, however, is that he won the prestigious Race of Champions event in Bangkok at the weekend, beating the likes of Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel.

Lotus celebrated the 26 year old's "emphatic" triumph with a lengthy press release titled 'Heart of a Champion'.

As for his Formula 1 career, "Things are on track," the Frenchman is quoted as saying by L'Equipe.

"I hope everything turns out well and I am able to put into practice what I learned this year.

"I hope to be stronger next season. Normally, you say that the first year is about learning, but Formula 1 is a little different.

"We went through ups and downs this season, but I learned a thousand things. I had a good start but also went through some difficult times.

"Ultimately, the team allowed me to grow and I became a better driver. I hope to continue to learn next year," added Grosjean.

Lotus F1 press release: Heart of a Champion
Romain Grosjean has been crowned the 2012 Champion of the Race of Champions after an emphatic performance in Bangkok.

Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher both failed to halt Romain’s march through the heats as he progressed through to the final against eight time Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen in the event which pitches champions from the world of motorsport head to head against each other in a variety of machinery.

In a three heat finale for the crown, the Lotus F1 Team driver made the title certain with a win first in the ROC Buggy and next in the KTM X-Bow, meaning the crown was his without need for the final heat.

The win comes a day after Romain and Team France team-mate and 2011 Race of Champions Champion Sébastian Ogier came second to the Team Germany partnership of Vettel and Schumacher in the Race of Champions Nations Cup.

Romain Grosjean - 2012 Race of Champions Champion
“Champion of Champions sounds pretty good. It certainly feels pretty special to end my year like this. It wasn’t an easy route to the crown either, I had Sebastian [Vettel] in the quarter-final then Michael [Schumacher] in the semi-final, then Tom Kristensen in the final.

"Between those three drivers you’ve got ten Formula 1 titles and eight Le Mans wins! To win against these guys is very special indeed. It’s a really fabulous event and we received a fantastic welcome in Bangkok. It’s superb to be able to relax with so many different competitors from different disciplines and we all had a great time.

"It was great to see the support I received from fans at the event and online too, and this win goes out to them for supporting me in 2012. What a way to end my year, by winning my last competition of the season!”

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