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F1 : Ageing Pedro de la Rosa not optimistic of McLaren Formula 1 reserve roll offer E-mail
Thursday, 27 December 2012 14:25
De la Rosa not expecting McLaren return - Pedro de la Rosa has acknowledged that, with the HRT Formula One team closing its doors, he is not expecting to simply stroll back into his job as McLaren's reserve driver.

"No, that's not true," he told the Spanish sports newspaper Marca.

"I took my road and I live with my decision, so I'm not going back to McLaren with their doors open wide, because I left twice."

Spaniard de la Rosa, 41, was arguably Formula 1's most highly respected test driver when he accepted the challenge to become HRT F1's lead race driver in 2012.

He expected to stay in 2013, but the Spanish back marker has all but officially folded.

As for his chances of returning to McLaren, de la Rosa admitted: "I've been unfaithful and so it is normal to be starting from scratch.

"I am confident that I will continue in Formula 1 as a test or reserve driver, but there is no guarantee of anything."

Meanwhile, de la Rosa said his season at the back of the grid with HRT F1 was not his worst in Formula 1.

"I especially liked working at McLaren, there can be no doubt," he told the Russian F1news website.

"My least favourite team? Sauber. I did not like that they blamed every problem on the driver, not the car, which obviously did not have the speed."

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